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14 Oct

Ergonomic sewing

Posted in Craftin', Healthy Body on 14.10.12 by Octopi

Hidey Ho there Mess Hallers (i.e. Mom and whatever random peeps stumble across this). This last year I’ve been focusing on alternative ways to approach holistic health. I’m gettin older, yo, and need to keep body and mind in top condition.

Life Changes
I recently started going to the chiropractor, and as I’ve been focusing on ensuring my spine is in proper alignment, I started thinking of my lifestyle and activities that probably don’t help maintain proper alignment.

One of these is the “hunched over the laptop for the entire day” activity. Can’t be good for the ol spine, right? So I pimped my workstation set-up so my posture is better. Check it out:

Pimped out set-up


Key features
* Laptop on a stand so screen is up in front of where my face actually is
* Bluetooth keyboard
* (now Bluetooth) mouse (I have a fear of numerous/tangled cords: cordophobia?)
* Credit to my friend Chris at work cuz I totally stole the setup he had already figured out

Now that I had all these fancy devices, I need to protect them when I travel, so I made some felt cases for them. I was feeling ambitious so also tried my hand at “sewing drawing” for the first time.

Case #1

A case for my long board, er keyboard. Get it? A surfboard on my keyboard case? …. Yeah


Case #2

A house for my mouse. Self-explanatory.


Mess Hall over and out

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