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21 Aug

Grazin’ on Green Beans

Posted in Grazers, Healthy Body, Healthy Living on 21.08.10 by Octopi

I’m a grazer. I’ve always been one. When I’m busy I don’t get the urge, but if I’m sitting around an office or cooped up at home, it’s really easy for me to want to make a move for something to nibble on. I’ve been trying to find some good, light snacks lately and have discovered the wonderful world of raw veggies. Specifically green beans. Sound weird? Let me make my case. With a haiku.

Spring Green Beans: lanky

Crunchy, sweet, sinewy, strong

munch like a bunny

Well, it’s almost a haiku. Don’t think the American Haiku Society would approve, but you get the point.

So have I sold you on grazin’ on green beans?  They’re cheaper veggies than other tasty snacks like snow peas.  They’re more socially acceptable at work than sippin’ on gin and juice.  They’re healthier than things like The Bane of My Existence Because Chicago Kids Think They’re a 7th Food Group: Cheetos Flamin Hots.  What’s a favorite snack or grazer of yours? Let the Mess Hallers know! You could write a haiku about it too!

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