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26 Apr

Stairway to Heaven…er, bedrooms

Posted in General on 26.04.15 by The Mess Hall

There are new adventures at The Mess Hall! Starting now, I’m coming to you live in Season 3ish of The Mess Hall: The Burbs Edition.  Yes, you read that right!  The Next Great Adventure brings me and Parsley with my love in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Goodbye City House, Hello Country House! 

New house means new projects <sinisterly rubs hands while cackling like a mad scientist>.  This place has stairs INSIDE (sooooo fancy compared to my sweet little condo).  That said, the stairs have seen better days, so time for a spring fresh-up!

Pulling out the Paint from Projects Past, I was able to concoct a fun ombré vision.  A perfect project for a rainy, spring day.  Enjoy!  

Ombre Stairs

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