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17 Apr

Thinking outside the box, er, round pie pan

Posted in Makin' Food on 17.04.13 by The Mess Hall

Mom and I spent some quality time in the kitchen today. We were focusing outside the box round pie pan and reinterpreted the traditional pie presentation.


Of course we had to bake one traditional-looking pie, though we made one we hadn’t baked before “in the round”: date cream pie.

We also pulled out a bunch of raspberries from the freezer, mixed them up with rhubarb and tried two personal pie iterations. The first was a pasty-style (see the flower-shaped pies in the photo) and the second was a mini-pie in muffin tins.

And finally, we made a family tradition – “apple slices” which is basically apple pie bars.

Yum, all around! Will post other recipes later, but here’s the apple slice recipe we started with because we couldn’t readily find Grandma’s. We used regular old bread crumbs and made our own crust. Also recommend mixing the sugar mix in with the apples rather than just sprinkling on top of the apples.

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