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23 Mar

Mess Hall Mascot

Posted in General on 23.03.13 by Octopi


Today’s a big day in the Mess Hall. I brought home Parsley, a rescue dog I adopted from Found (located in North Center neighborhood). !!!

Parsley was a stray that dropped by an outdoor training class at Found. She was really underweight but they got her healthy again and also did some great training with her as they prepared her for a forever home.

As you can see, in just a short time I think she already feels at home. She’s already adopted her crate as her safe zone, she’s made friends with her hedgehog toy, and she appears to enjoy a good road trip, so be prepared for human and furry visitors!

I know she’s really feeling at home because she’s been dropping some monster dog farts…I personally wasn’t going to do that to her until we had been living together a bit longer, but to each her own. I think that’s also a sign I’ll be modifying her diet!!

She is currently snoring softly in her crate and I love her all the more with every snort and sigh. I’m not sure who will be rescuing who in the end – I think it’s a bit of both.

Viva Parsley!

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05 Mar

Through the Stained Glass

Posted in Craftin' on 05.03.13 by Octopi

Through the Looking Stained Glass

This winter’s art project is also functional. The windows in the living room overlook a beautiful expanse of the neighboring building’s brick facade (to be read sarcastically). I can’t move the mountains of Colorado or the farm fields of Wisconsin next door, but I can still change that view.

Enter stained glass! Or not-quite-real stained glass. The finished product is a combination of Gallery Glass paint, a vision of a tree outside the window, and several weekends with a brush and some Netflix.

Behold: a sight for sore eyes!


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