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12 Feb

Farmland is Sparkly

Posted in Craftin' on 12.02.12 by Octopi

Hi all – thought I’d share my most recent crafts-capade.  In the past I’ve had commitment issues….as in I’ve had trouble committing to buying permanent artwork for the living room.  My solution was to buy three blank canvases and keep switching out what I’d display on them.

Iteration 1: Origami Butterflies.  I spent several weekends/evenings a couple winters ago tucked in safe from the cold with a nice bottle of whiskey, Netflix, some fine selections of fancy paper, and a YouTube video on how to make origami butterflies.  The result was about about 50 butterflies flitting across the canvasses.

Iteration 2: The poster prints.  Over the years I’ve amassed some pretty nice prints from the Flatstock poster show at Pitchfork.  Take poster. Put it up. Repeat X 2.  Done.  That was a pretty easy one and almost not worthy of being called a project.

Iteration 3: Farmland is Sparkly paillette-palooza.  Inspired by the Holiday Club exterior sign here in Chicago, I thought, let’s get a little sparkle going on.  A paillette, by the way, is a small shiny object applied in clusters.  Armed with about 3,500 little sparkly paillettes, I set out to cover those canvases with three images of farmland.

Makin it Happen

  • Pin paillettes to canvas.
  • Don’t mess up the pattern.
  • A thimble-like device is helpful so you don’t hurt your fingers trying to poke the pins through.

Here’s the start of one of images – I set an even distribution at the sides and then worked toward the middle.

And this is the final product!

And, for sense of scale…



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