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13 Jun

Fitted Sheet Folding Jamboroo

Posted in General, Usable on 13.06.11 by Octopi

Melissa teaches the world how to fold a g.d. fitted sheet.  This is something that Ariel never, ever knew.


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10 Jun

Matchmaker: Plant Pairings

Posted in General, Urban Farming / Gardening on 10.06.11 by Octopi

Hey, Spinach.  You are awesome.  You are SO versatile, you can go in salad or get cooked up or ANYTHING.  You know, I know somebody who I think you’d really get along with.  Her name is Strawberry.  I think you’d be really good for each other.  Plus you’d be fun to hang out with together (in my salad!) – should I give her your number?

Plant pairings.  Probably easier than human match-making.  I came across this really helpful little table from the recent Organic School Project e-newsletter.  It lists a plant and then other plants that it grows well with.  So if you are still getting seeds in dirt, keep these in mind.

From Organic School Project: “When paired appropriately, companion planting can be advantageous, resulting in higher yields, disease reduction, and pest management. Such partnering is even said to help maintain soil quality, as is seen with the Native American tradition of planting corn, squash and beans together.”

I’ve even got edibles and inedibles cohabiting in rail planters: a couple strawberry plants are hanging out with some pansies as I type, and they seem to be getting along really well…I think they just gossip about the other porch plants all day.  (Old Man tomato plant shakes his head).



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