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31 Dec

Pegboard: Channeling Julia

Posted in Build or Fix, Craftin', organization on 31.12.12 by Octopi

This is Pegboard Project #2. With Julia Child’s famous pegboard kitchen for inspiration, I spent a bit more quality time with the Dremel, local home improvement store, and the land of misfit projects that is my storage room to cobble this one together.

This type of organization works so well for my lifestyle I am now in danger of pegboarding my entire house. “Step away from the Dremel, Melissa….put that drill DOWN.”


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30 Dec

Bi-fold Pegboard

Posted in Build or Fix, Craftin', organization on 30.12.12 by Octopi

A man, a plan, a canal: bi-fold pegboard.

I have this bi-fold door separating the laundry room from the kitchen. Rather than continue to use the kitchen table as a landing pad for the mail, keys, and other daily crap, I ripped out the top bi-fold slats and replaced with pegboard! Behold organization!

I’ve got some pegboard left over that will at some point be painted and added to the kitchen wall, Julia-Child-style. To be continued…


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16 Apr

THE closet

Posted in Build or Fix, Healthy Home on 16.04.11 by Octopi

Everybody has one. THE closet. The scary one that all the ransom shit goes into but never comes out. It’s a big freaky monster and you know as you walk past it one day that monster is going to come alive, pull you in and slowly eat you over decades like that one thing in Star Wars.

This is our closet…

Don’t judge.  But hey, after a couple hours of hard-core organizing, a new shelving system and a MacGyver’d shelf in the laundry area (using some 1X4s and some leftover closet shelving), I’m pretty psyched about how easy it is to find everything and to be able to actually walk through/into the space!  Check it out….

So tis the season to get rid of stuff you don’t need and take a load off your house!  The Mess Hall already feels so much lighter.



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